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Kate Boy - The Way We Are

If you need to pick your favorite Swedish Indie Electro Pop, this is the call right here. 

Another spot I did back in the day that I really enjoyed creating for NW Academy.

Digging up some old work. A personal fave.

One of my favorite photos of Ruby so far.

Sometimes, I just lose it. For some reason, the word “ham” got me in a session today.

Ah, my first time on the air. Yikes.

A little park time. ^z1 (Taken with Instagram at Barrows Park)

Why yes, I did just join the cause with @Starbucks. ^z1 cc: @coreydu (Taken with Instagram at Starbucks)

This? Why it’s Toy Story 3 on ice, of course. ^z1 (Taken with Instagram at Rose Garden Arena)

Wontons at Republic with @srweeden. Superb. ^z1 (Taken with instagram)

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